2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike

Ibis has been working up the Mojo SL-R for a bit of time now, and from the visual and technical overview they provided, it looks like it’s been time well spent.

Based on their existing DW-Link Mojo platform, they wanted to create something that was a cross between the HD and the SL…and they ended up probably besting both. The SL-R is fixed at 140mm of travel, like the SL, and shares its geometry. (The HD is adjustable from 140 to 160 in the rear). The frame weight sits smack in the middle, too, at 4.9lbs with Fox’s Kashima Coat RP23. For comparison, the SL is 4.3 5.3lbs and the HD is about 6.1lbs to 6.4lbs.

The real magic, according to Ibis, is how the new frame construction technology they’re using gets the bike super light while retaining 80% to 90% of the HD’s stiffness and strength, making it stronger and stiffer than the SL.  Ibis says they test their frames to withstand some serious forces, going so far as to say your fork will break before the frame will in a frontal impact.

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2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike 2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike

SPECS (from Ibis):

  • 140mm rear wheel travel, dw-link suspension
  • Carbon fiber monocoque frame and swingarm
  • Kashima coated Fox Float RP23 with Adaptive Logic Boost Valve technology comes as standard equipment
  • Tapered head tube, makes the bike feel very close in stiffness to a HD 140
  • Cane Creek AngleSet compatible, so the head angle can go down to 67.5º
  • Mojo HD style cable routing with new molded carbon cable stops and provisions for cable-actuated adjustable seat posts
  • Compatible with the Mojo HD downtube cable rock guard
  • The new direct mount front derailleur provides increased compatibility with 2 x 10 drivetrains
  • BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB is lighter and stiffer and better for molding
  • Carbon fiber post-mount rear brake mounts
  • 142mm Maxle rear axle provides high axle stiffness with QR ease of wheel removal and installation
  • The new chain suck plate has more coverage
  • Geometry is unchanged from the Mojo SL but now has AngleSet compatibility for head angle adjustability
  • Titanium fasteners abound
  • Links interchangeable with Mojo SL links
  • Target weight for the frame is sub 5 pounds (2250g) for a large matte clear with Kashima RP23
  • Complete bike with XTR in size large is 22.4 lbs.

The same arguments for the new Santa Cruz Blur TRc’s existence could be made for the SL-R. It provides a midway between lightweight, raceable performance and trail-crushing all-mountain riding. Yes, it’s very similar to the SL, but with the Angleset option and Ibis’ blessing to run a 150mm fork (but they don’t recommend going to 160), you can create a hybrid beast that should be good for all manner of trail.

2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike

2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike

The frame, shock and seat collar will be sold as a unit for $2,499 and will be available in June. Or you can build up your bike just how you want it on their website. We asked, and with the new Easton EC90 carbon wheels and XTR, you’re looking north of $7,500. Colors include the bare carbon/blue shown further up, white/black, silver/white and orange/black (not shown). If their other frames are any indication, the painted models add about 70g.

2012 Ibis Mojo SLR SL-R 140mm full suspension mountain bike

We’ve got some hands on photos coming later today showing frame cutaways and more…plus more technical info about the changes in their carbon construction for this model.


  1. “For comparison, the SL is 4.3lbs and the HD is about 6.1lbs to 6.4lbs.”

    Did they change the SL at all? On Ibis’ website they claim 5.2-5.3 pounds for a medium(For the SL), and this they’re saying a target of 4.9 pounds for a large. But you guys mention the SL’s weight at 4.3 pounds. Any clarification?

  2. Ian,
    I noticed that, too.
    I think the weights quoted here are without rear shock, while the ones on the website are with a Fox Float RP23.
    Ibis used to claim 4.93lb for their SL in medium, but that was with the DT Carbon rear shock.

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