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Great news for our readers traveling with bikes: Frontier Airlines has dropped it’s “oversize” fees for checking your bike. Now your bike will count as one piece of baggage and will be subject to normal checked baggage restrictions. See Frontier’s website for detailed baggage information (just scroll past the information on bringing Antlers and Baby Gear), but the gist of it is the box or case can’t weigh more than 50 lbs, or exceed 62 linear inches (length+width+depth)…and please allow an extra 30 minutes for check-in. via BikeDenver.

Is Frontier the only airline not charging? Click ‘more’ to find out.

I checked airline websites for travel within the US, click on link to see detailed information. All checked baggage charges apply, of course, this is to see if they charge extra for a bike box or case. All airlines require the bike to be in a box or case, and recommend extra time for check-in.

Delta charges a $200 “bicycle transport fee” each way.

USAirways will accept a bike as one of your checked baggage items if it is under 62 inches in total dimensions (length+width+height), otherwise they will charge $200 to check it each way.

American Airlines will accept a bike as one of your checked baggage items if it is under 62 inches in total dimensions (length+width+height), otherwise they will charge $150 to check it bike each way.

Southwest Airlines will accept bicycles as checked baggage as long as it’s under 62 inches total dimensions (l+w+h) and under 51 lbs. If over these restrictions, the charge is $50 each way.

Continental Airlines will accept a bike as one of your checked baggage items if it is under 62 inches in total dimensions (length+width+height), otherwise they will charge $100 to check it bike each way

United Airlines has an “extra handling charge” of $100 for bicycles no matter what dimensions or weight the box, or case may have.

Airtran has an additional $79 charge for a bike.




  1. That covers a wheel bag but what about the rest of the bike? You cant even fit a bmx bike in that small of a case.

    Marketing ploy to get people to get to the counter, then they realize they still have to pay a ton for “oversized”

  2. Frontier will get my business first, followed by Southwest. I’ll spread the love to other airlines when they make golfers and others pay the same as cyclists for golf club bags and other such stuff.

    On the upside for all the airlines, their websites don’t have the screwed formatting that BikeRumor currently has. It must be apathy that prevents BikeRumor from fixing the issue, because it’s been going on for days, no matter the computer, OS, or browser.

  3. I typically fly British Airlines for overseas travel as they don’t charge for bike case if its part of your baggage allowance; if you go over 2 bags they charge you something like $50. I checked on lufthansa and they are ridiculus..$250 each way.

    Southwest was my go to us airlines as they only charged $50 and were pretty relaxed about it; sometimes they did not charge me as I never carry more than 2 bags. Frontier just moved up my list!

  4. Southwest is still the better deal.

    I read the frontier baggage page again. Basically you will get a $75 fee for being oversize no matter how you package your bike as there is no way to get it under 65 linear inches. Where you can save yourself is the next fee of $75 for being overweight. Don’t package anything other than your bike in the case! My tri-all hardshell case and bike weight 47 lbs so I only get dinged for the oversize. Southwest is better at $50.

    I have travelled overseas many time and have the tri all case which is awesome for durability and safety to the bike but I would reconsider one of the new Pika cases as the tri all is difficulty to put in a taxi at your destination and difficult to store. They soft sides will pack down for easy storage but payoff is less protection although its pretty darn good.

    Show up really early for your flight; best way for they to give you a hassle s if you show up only 1.5 hrs before your flight…forget it!

    Another tidbit I investigated was placing a GPS locator device inside the box. At the time I couldn’t get one but I would consider it b/c no insurance will pay you full price for bike if lost or damaged. Check your homeowner insurance. Unlikely they will pay for any damage issues or lost on flight.

  5. I’ve been flying quite bit with my bike lately…and so far United has yet to charge me $100. It’s usually $125-$150 depending on who is working the counter that day.

    I’ve been a fan of Virgin America lately. They charge $50 each way for a bike. I’ve never exceeded 50lbs with by bike so I’m not sure if they charge extra for overweight.

    When I regrettably fly with anyone else (read United, Delta or American) I’ve become really good about shipping my bike to meet me at my hotel. I have to live without that particular bike for a couple days, luckily I have a couple back up bikes.

  6. Just to correct a couple of things: Frontier exempts you from overcharge fees on bikes (though not overweight).

    On the 62 linear inch thing, coupled bikes fit in a case that fits inside this limitation. Easier to travel with thatn the big bike case as well!

  7. Frontier does not have the 62 linear inch maximum. They simply do not charge you for oversize bikes (all regular sized bikes are 62+). Frontier only charges for excess and overweight. If you can keep your bike and box total under $50, your cost is only $20 which is better than Southwest. For information on Frontier and the rest of the airlines, you can go to http://www.airlinebagfees.com/bicycles/charts/.

  8. so what happens when you purchase a ticket from expedia, and your first flight is with frontier, but then you hop on to United or AA flight???? I am about to purchase a flight from sac to quebec canada, and would like to take my bike with me. I have the option to leave sac with frontier but then i have to transfer to United… is that free or not?

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