Known for building bikes almost exclusively in steel, it should come as no surprise that for the company’s first next 29’er, they have eschewed the carbon bike trend. Instead, they have chosen to build with a material that is like steel in many ways, with the exception of being lighter, more responsive, and impervious to rust. That material, is of course Titanium.

Meet the Charge Ti Cooker, the latest Ti bicycle frame from Charge. Currently, Charge’s Ti bikes are only available as frame only, but as the Cooker was only just leaked on Twitter, there isn’t much information about it. If trends are anything to go off of, it will most likely be frame only as well, but time will tell.

Jump past the break for some close ups, including the Turbo Bridge!

Up front, the Cooker sports a (possibly) integrated headset (unless it is a CrankBrothers headset that blends in extremely well) and nice sized down tube gusset. If you look closely at the very first photo, you can just make out a red BB cup, meaning the Cooker will feature a standard threaded bottom bracket.

The Cooker will use standard cabling, and a (presumable) 27.2 seatpost.

Here it is: the Turbo Bridge. If it doesn’t make you faster, it will at least allow for lots of mud clearance.

This particular Cooker also is equipped with the Gum version of Charge’s new lock on grip, the Griddle.


  1. @Brandon, You’re probably right. Hard to tell since the Crank Brothers cups happen to be almost the same color as the frame. Guess we won’t know for sure until the specs are released, but good eye!

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