nahbs 2011 parlee custom carbon fiber road bike built by fair wheel bikes

In this post we’ve got road and cyclocross type bikes from Parlee, Speedhound and Mike Zanconato.

Above, another of the Fair Wheel Bikes lightweight builds found a home on Parlee’s green tinted carbon fiber cyclocross bike. We’ve also got some close ups of a matte black carbon road bike from them, plus a chromed-out Speedhound and Di2 roadie from Zanc. Click ‘more’ to see them all…

Parlee’s lugged construction begins with size- and rider-specific carbon tubes that are cut, mitered and finished to the exact size, then the lugs are built around them to allow for full custom shapes and sizes. They also offer several stock sizes.

The brown leather bar tape and partial saddle covering plus cork ends give the bike a classic look, but it’s all modern tech.

nahbs 2011 parlee custom lugged carbon fiber road bike

This road bike has a UD finish on the tubes but keeps the woven carbon look on the lugs.

nahbs 2011 speedhound custom road bike with chromed touring bicycle

Speedhound showed off this chromed classic bicycle complete full full retro parts (but modern frame bits, check out the dropouts, close up below on another of their bikes).

This urban singlespeed kept a bit of the classic with leather bar tape and saddle and (again) some cork bar plugs, but went all “today” with the Gates Belt Drive.

The bike had a front brake, but is equipped for either canti- or road brakes. Rack mounts, too.

nahbs 2011 zanconato custom cyclocross bike

Zanconato knows what he does, does it well and doesn’t bother with gimmicks to draw a crowd. His steel tubes aren’t cut until you’re measured and mentally dissected to see what you’re made of, then he knows what your bike should be made of. Above, the cyclocross bike starts at $2,900.

nahbs 2011 zanconato custom steel road with bike shimano di2 electronic shifting

His “new” model is a Di2 ready road bike. It’s lugged Columbus Max Steel bike with a Di2 option. Internal wiring and frame reinforcements are a no cost option. Frame starts at $3,500 with fork. Standard round steel tubed bikes are $2,900. All Columbus tubing. This complete bike with Di2 topped $10,000.


  1. maybe its because i ride a 52-53 road bike, but every year they do the NAHBS coverage, all the road stuff looks like it was made for really really tall people. I mean in 5’10” and i ride a 52 now, how tall is the average road rider that buys these 6’5”?

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