giro aeon helmet ultra lightweight cycling helmet

Now that we’ve got that whole weight thing cleared up (U.S. weight is about 220g versus EU weight of 189g), we’ve got more photos of the new Giro Aeon along with the official press release, pricing, etc. Jump past the break to see it all…

giro aeon helmet ultra lightweight cycling helmet giro aeon helmet ultra lightweight cycling helmet

This is the Metallic Titanium color. The Red/Black/White from our first post and three other regular colors will be offered plus three limited edition models: World Champion, Garmin-Cervelo and Rabobank. Eight total. U.S. pricing is $250.


giro aeon helmet press release

SPECS: (from Giro)

  • Only 222 grams (size M, CPSC certified), this helmet is almost 25% lighter than Ionos™ and almost as light as the Prolight™, our lightest production helmet.
  • 24 Wind Tunnel™ Vents are enhanced with internal channeling to actively move air through the helmet for maximum cooling.
  • New Thermoformed SL Roll Cage™ is 49% lighter than previous composite designs, and allows maximum vent size while helPing the helmet to retain structure in the event of an impact.
  • Roc Loc® 5 Fit System allows rider to easily dial-­in both fit tension and adjust vertical position with a single hand thanks to a ratcheting, micro-­?adjusting dial.
  • Ultra-­?light “Slimline”
  • Webbing• X-­?Static® Padding fights odor-­?causing bacteria
  • 3 Super Fit™ Sizes: S, M, L  (will accommodate 98% of human population)
  • Certified to CPSC standard
  • Available in 8 colorways including 3 limited editions: World Champion, Garmin-­?Cervélo, and Rabobank.
  • Price $250


  1. wait what?It costs more than the Prolight but it is heavier, so what is the point here?

    “New Thermoformed SL Roll Cage”
    it’s a helmet, and there is no go reason your head will ever roll no matter how bad the crash.

    I don’t see anything new here, it looks like the Ionos, but they took the carbon off and replaced it with other stuff, couldn’t you just have called it the Ionos2 or squared? Besides weight is negligible with road helmets, they all weight pretty close to each other. I would care more about COMFORT and FIT than weight.
    Same goes for other apparel for biking.

  2. @Jonah, I had the opportunity to try one on last week, and I can say that for me personally, the fit and comfort is vastly improved over the Ionos. I was never a fan of the Prolight due to how little adjustment it had, and didn’t really like the way it fit. So an extremely light (almost 100 grams lighter than the Ionos) helmet with Roc Loc 5 is a huge improvement over the Prolight in my eyes. The Roll Cage is just their name for the internal structure that holds the helmet together and gives it strength. It’s not actually a “roll cage”, more of a composite skeleton that is molded into the EPS foam that allows for extremely light helmets to still be protective.

  3. Saw one tonight from our Bell sports rep. Great feeling helmet. Definitely the best fitting Giro I have felt in a while. Weight was only 12 grams off of the Prolight as weighed on our shop scale. Venting on the channels seemed impressive. Might try to take his sample for a ride tomorrow and see how it goes. Very impressed with the product.

  4. Did not like my Ionos.

    Wouldn’t buy a Prolight based on lack of adaptability.

    Just went back to an Atmos.

    This helmet appears to be 50% cat’s meow and 50% bees knees.

  5. Guys,
    Does it fit most like a Atmos or the Ionos? as they are quite different…

    Atmos fits me well, Ionos less so.


  6. @Haydos I would say it fits more like the Atmos, but not exactly. I’m the same way as the Ionos doesn’t fit me as well as the atmos, it seems that less of it actually touches the top of your head. Definitely the most comfortable Giro I have tried.

  7. one of these days Giro will design a helmet that looks different than anything else they’ve put together in the last 6 years….i would rock a Specialized Prevail helmet over this ANY day…and the Prolight?…pretty much looks like any other $40 helmet on the shelf

  8. I have a Giro Xar for my MTB … It fit’s perfect and is super comfortable.

    I need a new helmet for my road bike .. I have looked at the Giro Aero. I have to buy it online, since no local dealers carry it ..

    Does someone know how the fit is on this compared to the Xar?

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