2012 look cycles 920 full suspension carbon fiber mountain bike with integrated stem

BikeLive.com has what appears to be a borrowed photo of a 2012 full suspension Look 920 carbon fiber mountain bike. We did spot a full susser a few years back at Interbike, but it looked nothing like this and it never made it to the U.S. (it is listed on the French version of Look’s website, though).

The design above borrows the massive headtube section of their 986 hardtail but appears to get an integrated stem that sits flush with the top tube. This could be done for two reasons: To raise the front end without a bunch of spacers and/or give them more “box” area to increase front end stiffness without adding weight. Plus it looks sick.

The back end looks like a rear triangle very similar to older Trek/Gary Fisher mountain bikes that had no pivot near the rear axle, though with a bit more asymmetric chainstays. That means it would rely on seatstay flex coupled with the rocker-arm-leveraged air shock to provide suspension. We’re also guessing this would put it at no more than 100mm of travel and give it a very XC racing purpose.

While we couldn’t find this on the VTT site that’s watermarked on the image, the fork and wheels both have current model graphics, so we’re betting this is legit.

Thanks to Chris for the tip!


  1. According to Bikelive, they think it’s going to be around 120mm based on the fork choice. (just translation, I agree with you guys, 100mm) Also, Vélo Tout Terrain (the VTT) is the print publication associated with Bikelive, so this feels legit. Between this and the vid Shane posted, I’m definitely getting my hopes up!

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