2012 ellsworth freeride mountain bike prototype

We just caught wind that Ellsworth was cookin’ up something new in their Vancouver lab, squarely aimed at the freeride crowd. Now we’ve got a visual and some official-ness:

The Ellsworth Engineering Crew spent the winter designing an all new freeride chassis —a ground-up freeride bike handcrafted in Vancouver, WA. Featuring Ellsworth’s state-of-the-art, aerospace certified, seamless drawn SST.2 aluminum tubing, roughly 14”of bottom bracket height, and a 30.9mm seat tube. The bike, still undergoing testing, boasts 180mm of travel and features Ellsworth’s renowned ICT suspension mated to a custom tuned Fox DHX RC4. In addition to the low leverage ratio, it will also feature a proprietary tapered head tube outfitted with an OE Cane Creek AngleSet for greater adjustability. Visit Ellsworth at Sea Otter to check out the new prototypes.

We’re very, very happy to see the larger diameter seat tube! More pics after the break…

2012 ellsworth freeride mountain bike prototype

The top- and downtubes get the curves of their other bikes, including the hourglass headtube. It’ll be interesting to see how they work the pivot for the rocker arm on this model since it doesn’t appear to get their new, heavily shaped seat tube with integrated pivot.



  1. Next to a Kona Operator FR… I think I’d trust the Kona more, no matter how much Ellsworth hypes up their bike with marketing.

  2. Kona. How it’s made?

    -Take a 10 year old design frame, with archaic technolgy, (like sliding bearings, and a great speak: “The frames dont need ball bearings every joint points”) and a lot of crackable Weldings. Without any new development. Brush the last year’s unselleable frames, add a new color, and a new sticker set.
    Kona? Never. Maybe, a Santa Cruz, or a Spec, from the mass-builded bikes.

    I like the Manufactures, who’s building frames with hands. I built some too, for track racing, and comutter-messenger using. The small series are unique parts, and the “madeintaiwan” bikes never beat them.

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