Elite has just come out with their Endurance Protect Cream, part of their Ozone line of skincare items that claim to have lots of Ozone in them to help oxygenate and rejuvenate muscles.

It also has several natural ingredients that act as soothing, softening, cooling and anti-inflammatory agents. There’s not a lot of science mentioned in the press release or website, so if anyone’s tries this stuff (or the other products in the line), let us know in the comments.

They have a website just for the Ozone line here.


  1. isn’t ozone bad for you
    i know its not good for your lungs, also ozone being an O3 molecule and O2 being standard oxygen, ozone is toxic for you and O2 is what oxygenates muscles. its what divers and astronauts use, O3 in concentration destroys skin, or so i hear because i have not worked up the balls to try it on my own lab.

  2. divers breath compressed air which is about 70% N2 and about the rest being O2 and other gasses. just like you breath on the surface. And yes muscles get oxygen from the blood.

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