moots cycles now offers shimano di2 wiring option

Moots is now offering a Shimano Di2 internal wiring option on all of their frames for $350. It’s not a retrofittable option, so you’ll have to order a new Moots (bummer, we know) to get it. Technically, it’s only shown as an option on their road and cyclocross bikes, but we’ve confirmed that you could get it added to any frame they make (touring/commuter/mountain bike) if you want. After all, if you’re buying a frame that’ll last a lifetime, you may as well future proof it as recent hacks start going mainstream.

Pics after the break…

moots with di2 internal wiring for electronic shifting

The upgrade includes the battery mount (under the downtube near the BB), ports and holes to make it compatible with Di2 only, not the wiring.


  1. This is cool and all… I guess. Thing is, them Moots frames last forever. A Moots frame is a “lifetime” frame, whereas Di2 is headed towards the obsolete. Maybe not this year or the next, but eventually those wires will go… oh yes, they will… Some new wireless / bluetooth shifting system will come around and you’ll end up with a frame with a bunch of ugly holes in it.

  2. Totally agree. Wired Di2 is going to be one of those things that we look back at and laugh. Like Biopace and Octalink.

    And those wheels have no business on that bike.

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