schwalbe hans dampf all conditions mountain bike tire that is tubeless ready with non-directional tread pattern

Schwalbe has broken from their traditional U-Block tread pattern with the pending introduction of the Hans Dampf, an all-conditions “enthusiast” tire with the high end features a top-level racer expects. The basics specs are:

  • MSRP: $89.45
  • Size: 26×2.35
  • Weight: 750g
  • Casing: 67 EPI W/ Snakeskin Sidewall
  • Compound: TrailStar
  • Bead: Tubeless Ready

But they only tell part of the story. See why the new non-directional tread pattern makes this a tire for everyone and more pics after the break…

schwalbe hans dampf all conditions mountain bike tire designed for dry and loose or wet and rooty and rocky terrain

From Schwalbe: “The tire was created for the everyday consumer which will provide low rolling resistance, excellent confidence in cornering and great predictability.  The tread pattern was designed (as) an all condition tire which makes it useful across North America from dry loose terrain to wet rooty and rocky terrain. The tread also takes a different approach from the other MTB tires we’ve created in the past as it does not utilize the U-Block technology making the Hans Dampf a front or rear tire with no rotation arrows. This is important because the tire is aimed at the enthusiast and not necessarily a racer making installation much easier.  The U-Block tires typically require the rider to push the tire past the washing point to achieve good bite from the U-Block. Most average riders lose confidence in the tire before it reaches the outer lug.”

“The casing, triple compound and TL-ready system is same high performance system we use in our high-end EVO tires.  The reference to the enthusiast is to explain the non-directional tread pattern and not utilizing the “u-block” we typically do.  This is still a high performance tire that’s quickly become a favorite of our pro riders and staff alike.  Many are claiming this tire with the TrailStar compound hooks up better than our DH tires in the Gooey Gluey compound.”

new 2011 schwalbe hans dampf all conditions tubeless ready mountain bike tire

The Hans Dampf officially gets unveiled in person at Sea Otter, where we’re picking up a pair to test out. Word is they’ll be in stores shortly thereafter. Update: They’re available for order now.


  1. $90 MSRP!!!!!! I don’t know any enthusiast that would ever spend that much on a tire. That’s a high end, pro racing price. Not sure if Schwalbe know what the enthusiast market is.

  2. @common sense Agreed, but Schwalbe is a premium brand. There are a lot of enthusiasts out there riding full carbon trail bikes that run upwards of 5 grand that only get out a couple times a month. Some people have money and want primo gear. Others like me (and you as well, I suspect) want primo gear but have to select carefully to get the best value as well. I think calling this an “enthusiast tire” because it’s non-directional is a little bit of a stretch.

  3. holy moly, i spend good coin on my bike(s), but 90$$, this is a mnt. bike tire, not a vehicle tire. that’s about 45$$ a pound….is it really worth it ??????

  4. @Common Sense: Your post is basically a complaint about price. These tires are fantastic and I own 2 sets. They are hands down the best dirt handling tire I’ve ever come across.
    I recommend these tires to all my MTB buddies and few have picked up a set and they too are very happy. If you want great performance, then be prepared to pay a bit more, which most people are willing to do, except cheapskates like Common Sense.

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