Photo submitted by Dave Le, “Foggy, pre-work morning ride today. On the trail in China Camp in San Rafael, California.”

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  1. China camp is the shit! Especially now, the state of Ca doesn’t have enough money to pay rangers, so there are a bunch of great single track that can now be more fully utilized : )

  2. No magic app, but I did use Camera+ for a bit of color adjustment. However, there isn’t anything in the image that wasn’t there when I shot it. The light that morning was just gorgeous filtering through the fog.

    Chipollini, the trails aren’t completely patrol-free. I got stopped by a ranger not that long ago who threatened me with a $300+ ticket for speeding… and this was before 8 am on a weekday! Be careful, especially when on the downhill section near the ranger station.

  3. Great Photo.

    Don’t poach! you’ll f it up for everyone. Take some responsibility for your actions. Jeeez.

    I miss China Camp…

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