I’m having such a hard time believing this is true, but apparently it is quite serious, and it’s not April 1st. Unless this is an elaborate, almost month long April Fools joke, this will be a huge loss to the industry as one of the true pioneers in component manufacturing is closing its doors, for good.

After 18 years of pushing the limits with the famous Turbine LP cranks, Diabolus and Shore components, and a heritage of lightweight parts that could stand the rigors of true mountain biking, RaceFace will be missed.

The initial report from one of RaceFace’s own employees was just posted via PinkBike, which makes it seem all too real. Surely, the loyal following will be disheartened as the absence of RaceFace will leave a giant hole in the industry. More when we have it.


  1. I just heard this through a reputable CO shop, too, whose Race Face rep said they were closing. I was trying to confirm before posting, but having their (ex?) employee at PB write it seems pretty legit. Truly sad.

  2. wheres the larger company to come along and buy em? spruce up the company, restructure and keep this innovative company alive!!?

  3. I reckon some company will buy the brand and start knocking out products again. Will it be the same? Nope. In the UK, distributors are doing this -buying olf bike brands and component brands and reviving them. They’re moving up the value chain to becoming vendors as well as distributors.
    Chain Reaction Cycles has also got in the act – it’s bought up X-Lite and Nukeproof of late, and started making products again. In the case of Nukeproof, they now actually work, too. 😉 But basically, it’s a case of buying a distressed brand and slapping it on some catalogue products from Taiwan. The catalogue stuff is just fine – but it’s not necessarily made or designed in the same way as the original brand was. Hey ho.

  4. It happens. I have not bought RaceFace in a while.. Not sure if I agree with Greg’s FoxNews babble about GM. GM makes great products. Race Face going away does not affect the US economy. GM going away does – thousands of unemployed. It would be foolish to let them go belly-up.

  5. sometimes kicking ass most of the time isn’t enough to compete in a market where people choose to buy cheap crap for cheap. 🙁 remember that when you make the tiny extra effort (or maybe +$5) to buy from an awesome small biz, it really makes an impact on overall product quality.

  6. Another boutique brand bites the dust. Ling Pao or Dae Yung with buy the name and start pumping the cheap ass stuff over to satiate the maws of the American rider.

  7. While skimming over the hundreds of comments over on Pinkbike, I came across this one posted a few days ago:
    “Business owner got a huge loan from the bank based on fraudulent inventory valuation statements. With the money, he paid himself a ridiculous wage: >$30k/mo. Bank auditors finally figured out what was up and shut the place down. He’s facing a civil suit for the loan (over $3MM) as well as likely facing criminal charges.”

    No way to confirm this, I’m just spreading the rumor. But it’s the only one that could make sense for such a quick shut-down.

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