Yesterday we reported on…reported on? Seems like too strong a term. Let’s try this: Yesterday we alerted you to the fact that Magura is planning to release a new range of hydraulic disc brakes — the MT series. And now we are…alerting you to the fact that Magura is having a little contest, a contest in which you could win a pair of these snazzy new brakes. The Magura Mission Performance project identified four major performance factors: weight, heat stability, ergonomics, and braking performance. To win this contest you must create a video showing “your own personal performance factors that would uniquely qualify you to represent the Magura brand on the new MT8 or MT6 carbon disc brakes.” Maybe you, astute BikeRumor reader, will have an easier time deciphering what all that means than I did (you usually do). In addition to the brakes you will win a Performance Faktor jersey, a Magura brake tool, VIP support from Magura USA tech support, fame, as they post your video on the Magura website, and a chance at continued sponsorship from Magura. Have fun making your video while I sit here pondering what my own “personal performance factors” are.

More details HERE.

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