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Crank Brothers is being a little tight-lipped about their new product developments, but if you’ve been poking around the internet over the past couple weeks you might have stumbled over a couple of the super-secret-but-yet-to-be-released items. Items like: Cobalt 2 wheels that come in at a lower pricepoint than the existing Cobalt’s; reworked Mallet pedals; thinner profile 5050 pedals; the Hydro hydration pack; and even Crank Brothers’ take on a mountain bike saddle.

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Photo cred: BikeRadar

The Cobalt 2 may be heavier than the Cobalt, but it will put less of a dent in your wallet. It is alleged to come in at around $650.

Photo cred: BikeRadar

We’ve also heard that the lesser Cobalts will have a different hub than the original Cobalt’s (now the Cobalt 3), they will come with a steel axle and a Taiwanese Formula hub.

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The new Mallet’s body is bolted together in a similar fashion to the Eggbeater and Candy pedals and it is has a sleeker look.

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The 5050 pedal has gone on a diet, slimming down to a lower profile, the platform is also more open than the previous version.

Photo cred: BikeRadar

The new CrankBrothers saddle…sort of looks like an old WTB saddle, but I like WTB saddles. Why mess with perfection?

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And last but not least. The Hydro hydration pack. All we know is that it will be available in April.


  1. The design / color scheme looks right out of Tron.
    Really like the new Mallet and 5050 pedals, but it seems Crank Bros may be stretching themselves thin with the hydraulic pack and saddles.

  2. Crank Bros hasn’t made a product that has impressed me yet and these are no exception. I’ll stick to my i9 Enduro wheelset, Sunline V1 pedals, WTB Rocket V SLT saddle, and Deuter Race X Air I hydration pack. I do rock their Joplin R adjustable post and have 50/50s on my old bike, but I got them for really cheap and didn’t really prioritize quality when I bought them.

  3. sigh.

    just more examples of form over function. come on crank brothers, how about some engineered products?

    I personally went through FOUR pairs of the cobalt cranks. my local dealer had every single pair that he sold returned for warranty. that’s 0 from 0

    Crank brothers feedback on the cranks – “there’s nothing wrong with the product”. But for some odd reason, they just disappeared from the range the following season.

    and now I’m hearing from friends that their “all new all improved” pedal bearings, in the candy and egg beater 3 are flogging out after 2-3 months. And then they’re told, by CB, that it’s “wear and tear”.

  4. I really don’t like the new 50/50. looks like something that you would find on a OEM bike. The new saddle is not much better

  5. …why can’t some companies, just stick to doing what they do best. CB don’t need to make MORE different products

  6. i had 2 pairs of eggbeaters before and they suck. relies heavily on maintenance and it ruined my shoes coz apparently, stepping on tooth picks will leave a dent on your sole. even customer support sucks. i didn`t even get a reply when i sent them an email. need i say more?

  7. I don’t know what happened to crank brothers. They used to have great customer service. Their pedals will always be what they have always been, which is a basic pedal that requires lots of maintenance, but is easy to maintain. Think of them as the Mavic freehub body of pedals. All of their other products though… I don’t know what they are thinking. Low quality, gimicky, and overpriced (I’ll admit that the higher end pedals are overpriced as well). Another Mavic example: remember when Mavic only made rims? Don’t you wish they still only made rims? ‘Nuff said. Stick to what you know Crank Brothers.

  8. i know a buddy who works inside crankbro’s and their stuff got a few million pumped into their research & development because the company reinvested into its products rather than just putting more money into marketing. Everything including the spindle has been re-designed. Inside information says that over 200,000 pedals sold in the US market in 2010…only 56 returns!!…so that’s a drop in the bucket compared to shimano returns. Put that into your pipe! And crankbrothers is the #2 pedal manufacturer for mtn pedals. Light-weight and durable…i have been riding candy 2 pedals for months with no complaints. I know there is a lot of haters blogging but when it comes down to having a challenger brand (crankbrother is only 7 years old) become the #1 pedal manufacturer of pedals over $110…you are going to make some waves. I just saw their newest wheelsets…and i have to say watch out…crankbro’s will only help lighten and tighten your ride!

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