The Bike Shelf by Knife and Saw

And now for a departure from the norm.  We don’t often cover storage solutions for bicycles around these parts.  However, when I saw the bike shelf over at Remodelista I had to share.  The bike shelf is the work of Chris Brigham over at studio Knife and Saw in San Francisco.  This is one of the most elegant bike storage solutions I have seen, and it puts the bike on display like a piece of art.  Being one who lives in a 600 square foot apartment, I totally have a need for one of these.  If the shelf doesn’t look like it will fit your frame, contact Chris and work out a customized version.  The bike shelf is handmade in small batches.

The bike shelf runs $300 for the Walnut version, and $275 for Ash.

Source: Remodelista via Knife and Saw


  1. Folks, come to your senses! 3 bills for a few square-cut pieces of wood? Really? I’ll do it for $100! Either wood!

  2. @Mando….I agree….3 Franklins for Walnut???? Hopefully the bike is included.

    Gotta laugh.

    Have to take out a loan if I wanted them to build it in Zebra wood or God forbid, Brazilian Cherry.

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