Video: Rockshox Reverb Seatpost Remote System Bleeding How-To

Part 1 of 5. How to shorten the remote hose for the Reverb height adjust seatpost.

The Rockshox Reverb: it’s just one of the many Hite Rite 2.0 seatposts kicking around these days. The Hite Rite required a rider to open the seat-clamp quick release, grab the saddle between his knees (or just sit down), lower it, and then turn the lever back to the closed position. The process could be reversed by opening the Q.R., allowing the stiff steel spring to launch the saddle upwards, back to its original position. The initiated could perform either of these procedures while riding. Others got injured and maimed trying.

Now any trained circus chimp can operate a Rockshox Reverb. In fact, a trained circus chimp could bleed the remote system if it watched the videos in this post (and it had fully-functional opposable thumbs). Yes, trained circus chimps are “its.” So are small children. Hey trained circus chimps and small children, if you are offended by the term “it” being used to describe you, please express your ire in a comment below. Wait, what’s that? You can’t read and write because you are chimps and small children? Don’t know what to tell you…it’s not easy being an “it.”

Four…no wait, three more videos after the break. All the videos say “part [whatever] of 5,” but I can’t, for the life of me, find the fifth video. Man it’s gonna be embarrassing when a small child or a circus chimp finds the fifth video and rubs it in my face.

Part 2 of 5. How to bleed the handlebar remote for the Reverb height adjust seatpost.

Part 3 of 5. How to replace the remote hose for the Reverb height adjust seatpost.

Part 4 of 5. How to bleed the remote system for the Reverb height adjust seatpost.

Check out the Sram tech Youtube site for more vids.


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