I don’t care how ADHD-afflicted and short attention span-having you are, you can make it through a 12 second video (and then watch it fifteen times in a row so it adds up to three minutes like I did). Kona’s Connor Fearon shows us how a gnarly track can be tamed with the right, properly dialed equipment, furious skills…and the cojones of the dinosaur formerly known as the brontosaurus.


  1. ThomP: Awesome video. But in Spanish, “cajones” means boxes or drawers. I don’t think a brontosaurus would have much use for a set of drawers. Even if it did, said bronto-drawers would have little impact on this rider’s talent. Perhaps you meant “cojones.”

  2. John,

    I could claim that I was using “cajones” euphemistically because the use of “cojones” would have been obscene, but that would be totally made up.
    Instead I’ll admit that I’m an ignorant gringo who can’t get through a 140 character tweet without a typo and thank you kindly for the edit.

    – t

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