nahbs 2011 profile racing new elite mountain bike hubs

Profile Racing showed off their new Elite MTB hubs with six pawls for an astounding 204 points of engagement, ensuring virtually instantaneous forward motion when you start pedaling. It’s available now in the three colors shown above (blue, red and black) and comes in a wide variety of axle size options, all listed after the break…

nahbs 2011 profile racing 2012 elite mtb mountain bike hubs with 204 points of engagement

Ignore that “8-9” speed stuff, they’re good for 9/10 speed drivetrains…we asked.


  1. These were shown at interbike two years ago and they never went into production. Are they finally going to do it? Are the rear hubs compatible with the 143×12 standard?

  2. Profile has the worst customer service. Their hubs are trash & the company is terrible for anything other than bmx. Beware, MTB’rs.

  3. These hubs are SICK!

    They have the same drive ring/ pawl system as the Elite BMX hubs.They sound cool; like a bunch of pissed off angry bee’s, similar to a I9 or maybe King. Top BMX pro’s put out 2000+ watts in BMX races. If they hold up for BMX, they’ll hold up for trail riding.

    I’ve had excellent customer service from Profile; never had an issue with any of their products, and I have a lot of them. Kyle needs to come out of the closet and deal with his pent up feelings. He’ll live a much happier life.

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