La Femme Fatale by Ben and Lisa Serotta

On Ben Serotta’s stand at NAHBS, alongside the latest line-up of bikes, which included a road bike featuring new custom Columbus tubing, was a stunning display of previous Serotta masterpieces.

Most unusual was this, La Femme Fatale, which was built for the New York Bike Show in the ’70s. The fully-Campag-equipped steel creation was a family affair, featuring a special headbadge and lugwork by Serotta’s sister, Lisa, a budding erotic artist. Marcie, Ben’s wife, completed the polishing and finishing.

Very much from a time before ‘politically correct’ came into fashion, the lugs are intricately carved to show parts of the female body, and a couple of small statue adorns the bike in a surprising crevice.

Check some close-ups after the jump.

Saucy headbadge courtesy of Lisa Serotta.
Nice lugs!

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