Ever since Deity moved to their new headquarters in Idaho, Eric and Sadie have been hard at work on a whole lot of new product including everything from pedals to a new frame. Word is out on their new pedal line, which includes a tasty revision to the popular Decoy pedals, along with a completely new offering, the Compound plastic pedal!

Roll on after the break to check out the details on both of the new pedals!

Deity’s take on the Decoy Revisions:

Our Decoy 2.0 pedals are getting a makeover and the final product looks amazing. From our “deitybikeco.” logo, to the addition of some color options…these pedals have become loved by so many people who want a super thin pedal that is tough to beat price-wise…now, they just look better.

At a weight of 425 grams, a thinness of 17mm, and a retail price of $75…they are only getting better with the 2.5’s.

They just went into production and will be available in JUNE! Until then, the current Decoy 2.0 pedals are all in stock in both white and black to fulfill your needs.

To go along with the aluminum Decoys, Deity is also introducing the plastic bodied Compound pedal. While the Compound will be the Decoy’s cheaper brother, don’t think that means the Compound will be the run of the mill plastic pedal. Stacked with features such as double sealed bearings, user serviceability, and replaceable pins, the Compound is sure to be a hit.

From Deity:

Tired of the typical unsealed garbage all plastic pedal that you see everywhere and offered by everyone? We are…

Far from the “average” plastic pedal, the deity pedal line will be expanding even further with the introduction of the deity Compound Pedals in JUNE. Injection molded from a Nylon Fiber blend, the Compound Pedal’s non-exclusive mold utilizes 6 replaceable Cr-MO pins per side and has a super thin profile.

From Downhill, Dirt Jumping, Street, 20″, to even All Mountain, the deity Compound pedals thrive in many settings and with the replaceable Cr-mo pins, traction is phenomenal.

Spinning on a DU Bushing and double micro sealed bearing system, the deity Compound pedals will be 100% serviceable. You heard right…we will also be offering replacement pedal bodies, pin kits, internals, spindles, etc., so as you tear up a pedal…you can rebuild it with ease and save your precious dinero.

Gone are the days of throwing away a cheap plastic pedal every month and what is even better…we plan to retail the deity Compound pedal for $45!

A set of plastic pedals with replaceable Cr-mo pins, that are fully rebuildable, are thinner than most aluminum pedals, weigh only 346g for the set, and will retail for $45! We think that is tough to beat.

They are currently in production with an availability date of JUNE and will be available in Black, Purple, Red, and Green…


  1. Been wanting to try platform pedals on days when the riding is more AM oriented or on super cold days. I’ll be looking forward to snagging a set of the plastic ones this summer!

  2. I was really excited for the Mesa pedals. These look even better. The thing I hate about plastic pedals is the pins. This fixes that problem. Can’t wait ’til June!

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