The 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show has wrapped, and we’ve got more than 1,300 photos on Tyler’s camera alone. Max Leonard, our man on the UK scene was there to help cover it, and we’ll have a flood of booth-by-booth coverage hitting the site all week.  For now, we’ve got the winners list with a few images of the winning bikes. Without further ado, here they are:

Best Road – Ellis touring bike, black (above)

See the rest after the break…

Of course, we’ve got many, many more and closer up photos of these coming in the posts from each of their booths, so consider this a teaser…


Best Track – 611 lugged stainless steel


Best Offroad – Black Sheep #3666 26″ wheels, racks F & R.


Best Tandem – Erickson Ti


Best Carbon Fiber – Carl Strong road


Best Steel – Bishop track bike w/MS tubing


Best Titanium – Kish, 24″ bmx


Best Lugged – Bilenky Horten city bike


Best Filet brazed – Mike Dominguez womans bike #1


Best Tig Welded – Independent Fabrications MTB #4


Best City Bike – Signal #3

nahbs-2011-winner-best-paint-kirklee starry nights road bike paint job

Best Piant – Kirklee “Starry Night”


Rookie of the Year – Rosene Built MTB


BEST IN SHOW: Mark DiNucci city bike green with burgundy fenders


  1. First, alright so the best in show looks cool, but i dont see the part that makes it best in show, can someone explain this to me? i see bikes downtown that i think look better

    Second, ballsy move by Kirk Lee where they spent all that time painting that bike and cutting the steer tube down all the way, i think that they could have done a lot more with that bike like swirls on the wheels and something crazy with the crank set, honestly i think they need a rule that the bikes should be ride-able, because these are bike awards not frame awards.

    Third, why those pedals on best road? they don’t fit it at all also the whole design makes me wish they separated road touring and road racing.

    Last indie fab was indie fab and made an off setting bike as always, the bike look non-sense, i mean real talk, a carbon tube straight through alloy frame, two mediums that should mingle like that. Also the chain stays look clearly thinner than the seat stays, i mean what happened there?

    I know i sound like im haten, but i own a hand made bike too, its a caad 9 from 2010.

  2. @vegenaise
    First,yes my bike was hand made, look it up almost every bike is, that’s why its the “North American” hand made bike show, if it was all hand made bikes nearly every builder could show up.
    Second, yes the CAAD9frame was, but the fork it self was not; the CAAD10 is made over seas, but my frame is from before they left North America.
    Also isn’t the lay up on the frames for Trek’s high end Madone and the Top Fuel done in the in Wisconsin?

    The more you know…

  3. The steerer tube on the Kirklee bike seems intact, a confirmation from someone who attended the show will do. Its easy to shoot off from the keyboard most of the time.

  4. Jonah,

    You are hating. My guess, if you were there, maybe you’d see it differently. It’s thought to judge a book by it’s cover when you’re not even holding it in your hands…and you, my friend, aren’t even in the library. If you feel my flow?


  5. Jonah…believe it or not, there is a difference between a handmade bike that was made start to finish by one person, with immaculate attention to detail, and a mass produced “handmade” cannondale that has huge welds double pass welds that cover up any imperfections. Please post a picture of your cannondale so we can see why you think these bikes are so terrible. You’re either one of two things: jealous and spiteful, or clueless and just plain wrong. Whether you like a bike or not, you should at least appreciate the attention to detail and time put in to them by their builders.

  6. Thanks for all the pics and of course, pics to come. I can now enjoy ‘going’ to the show for free rather than being porked for $22 at the door to get in.

  7. Gee I have a Caad9 too. I think the only thing done by hand on it is the application of the ‘Handmade in the USA’ sticker. Bro these bike are at a different level.

  8. @ Tyler. I’m sure it was and really, to be honest I am kicking myself for not going…what are the chances of this show ever coming back to Austin in the near future? Just wish I had thought about that before my knee-jerk reaction to the price…..although, $22 at the door is still pricey to me.

    Again, thanks for the pics. Love this site.


    Oh and to the CAAD9 discussion….I think the difference people are not getting is the difference between being hand MADE and hand ASSEMBLED.

  9. Jonah that is not a touring bike, it is a Randonneur bike which is completely different. Oh and those pedals kick ass.

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