Even with the reputation of being one of the most precise companies in the biz, apparently even Chris King appreciates the incredible smoothness that is Moots welding. So, it makes sense that when they were looking to have two completely integrated stem/spacer/headset top cap made for their Cielo show bikes, calling up Moots was an easy decision.

The result is a ridiculously clean, made in the US stem that incorporates every part above the upper headset bearing. The stem has such a clean look, that at first glance you may confuse it for being a threaded stem, rather than the clever threadless model it really is.

In addition to the road stem shown above, Moots also made a special cross stem for CK that includes an integrated cable stop and barrel adjuster for cleaning up the lines on a cross bike.

Check out some pics of the cross stem, along with the complete Cielo bike after the break!

So clean, and knee friendly for cross to boot.

Look at that transition to the head tube! Unbelievable.
Beautiful Cielo Cross Racer with Moots stem and seatpost.


  1. The craftsmanship is great, but the design leaves something to be desired. Why emulate cheap quill stems with the vertical tube protruding so far above the horizontal one? Blech.

  2. Although I agree with you Androo, I’m guessing the extra height has something to do with the proximity of the hidden clamp to the top. Kinda like how you generally put a 5mm spacer above your stem to ensure proper clamping of the steerer.

  3. Typical Moots craftmanship. Outstandingly beautiful work.
    Any idea if this will be commercialized and what the price tag will be?

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