Shin-Ichi Konno's Cherubim concept bike

Causing constant roadblocks at NAHBS was Cherubim master builder Shin-Ichi Konno’s concept track bike.

Though it must break about every single rule in the UCI book, the aerodynamic bike is intended as a thought experiment for the track bike of the future. “We’re too wedded to the traditional diamond-shaped bike,” said Konno when talking to BikeRumor. “We have to challenge accepted designs. That’s why I’ve made a bike like this.”

Konno comes from an illustrious line of Japanese framebuilders. His father started Cherubim in the 1960s, and his father’s brothers were the creative talents behind San Rensho and Miyuki, famed for their Keirin-certified track bikes.

The frame took around four days to design, and features a bespoke chromed seatpost and… one hesitates to say handlebars, so perhaps hand-rests would be better?

It was difficult to find the space to get decent pictures, but we’ll return to the stand early tomorrow, to grab some close-up shots for you when there’s nobody else about.


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