outlier supermarine cotton water repellant rain jacket

Okay, technically it’s not waterPROOF, but it’s pretty darn close, which is remarkable given that this is untreated cotton. The water repellancy comes from the type of yarn and the weave. Basically, it means you’re getting a “hard” shell outer layer with the softness and flexibility of cotton. Here’s how Outlier explains:

From fabric to cut, a full spectrum rethinking of the rain shell. We built the Storm King Parka around Supermarine Cotton, a 21st century edit to a nearly forgotten World War II fabric. You can think of it as the pinnacle of cotton technology, extremely breathable, highly water resistant and completely windproof. It can only be made using the longest staple Egyptian cotton fibers. They are woven together in a complex and dense weave that swells up and seals when exposed to water. It’s not “waterproof” but it can keep you dry for hours in the rain without any of the sweaty clammy feeling so common in “waterproof-breathable” synthetic fabrics.

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outlier storm king supermarine cotton waterproof shell parka

The Storm King Shell Parka isn’t a cycling specific piece, but it’s construction lends an athletic cut to the sleeve that would make it fine for the on-the-bike position, and the long parka style should cover your butt. Then, you can get off the bike and wear it without screaming “I’m a cyclist.” Some people dig that.

Outlier’s garments are made in New York City. MSRP $650…and they’re already sold out.


  1. I like my eddie bauer Everest edition windbreaker.
    it was 80% off at their outlet store – 50% off then 30% off coupon.
    Windproof, breathable and water proof.
    it is longer in the back like a bike jacket should


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