kates tram bars gluten free organic real whole foods energy bars for athletesThanks to Gene Hamilton over at the Better Ride mountain bike training camps we just found Kate’s Tram Bars.

They’re made with real, whole foods, are gluten free and mostly organic. Three flavors mix dried fruits, seeds, oats, chocolate, rice crisps, sea salt and other tasty ingredients to fuel your rides and other adventures.

Check them out at katesrealfood.com, and for a limited time, when you call in your order and mention “Better Ride”, you’ll get free shipping.

UPDATE: Per Kate’s comment below, only the CazBar is technically gluten free because it contains no oats. While oats arguably don’t contain gluten themselves, they’re often carrying a bit of wheat that gets on them in the fields or during processing.


  1. i also ordered and tried them based on Gene’s recommendation, having took his course last year. While very good, they are also RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. $4 for a power bar?!?! absurd.

  2. Hey,
    Just want to let you all know that yes, these are the best tasting bars! But, the Grizzly and Tram Bar are not gluten free as they have OATS in them.
    They are a pocketable meal at 360 calories per bar, and have real food ingredients with amazing textures and flavors. Chewy, crunchy, sweet, and salty!
    The Caz.Bar is made with gluten free ingredients.
    You can get a 6 pack of any of them online to try.

  3. @Kate, Bob’s Redmil sells gluten free oats I do believe. Would it be worth it to use something like that to make the bars gluten free (assuming that Oats are the only gluten in those bars)

  4. If you buy the 6 pack, the bars come out to $3.50 each because of the shipping, but that’s not bad for the price of a meal. If you buy more than that, they are cheaper.
    Organic, all natural, and better tasting than any bar out there. Well worth the sticker price. This is not a predigested meal like the others, no strange protein blends…just the real thing. Real Foods.
    What bars do you all eat? What’s on the ingredient label? How do they make you feel when you eat them? How many types of syrups and sugars are in the ingredients? Can you taste all the different foods and their textures in a bar?
    Kids looove these bars too.
    Those are just a few thoughts.

  5. Tram bars are indeed the business. But for me, Caz.Bars are the choice for the top of a climb, especially when you’re riding with a dude who carries a flask of tequila.

  6. I had a couple of these in Jackson Hole. I dont remember the exact weight of them but I remember them being much bigger than a typical powerbar, so consider that in the price. You could probably cut in half and equivalent to 2 powerbars.
    They also taste very good!

  7. These bars are the BEST! I have been eating them since last year, when two of them absolutely made the difference in a 13 hour adventure race. They pack small but carry quite a punch of tasty calories, and more importantly, energy. Another thing I like about them is the packaging, easy to tear open with one hand and teeth, but the bags are tough so you don’t drop the torn part, it stays with the rest–NO LITTERING! Did I mention that they taste AWESOME!

  8. @NICK.
    Hey Nick, we’ll have to look into that. I’ve heard the price of Gluten Free oats has been going down . . . they are a Very expensive product that might just push our price over the edge. That’s why . . . for now. Thanks

  9. I have only ever had my hand on a Griz Bar once, and I was just about to bite into it, when *SMASH!* out of the woods came a giant brown bear–my Navy SEAL training kicked in automatically, and as I reached for my survival knife, the bear was upon me, it’s teeth gnashing and claws slashing–it smelled like blood and fish, and was soaking wet, like it had just been in a downpour, which was odd, as it was a bright day, then I realized it must have been fishing–right before it clobbered me–knocked me clean out with a mighty roundhouse to the head. Obviously, since I am now sharing this story, it didn’t eat me, or mangle me, or even kill me—when I awoke in a heap, I checked to determine that I still had the same number of limbs that I remembered, and that indeed being the case, I started to collect my gear when I realized that the bloody bear had STOLEN MY GRIZ BAR! So much for a nice day! Next time out, i’ll be a bit more careful when I stop for a bite.

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