Hot of the presses, or machines really, is Sun Ringlé’s all new Dirty Flea Single Speed cassette hub. As Tyler made note of, many Sun Ringlé hubs are known for their legendary smoothness and durability, so it is no surprise that they are offering what should be a primo single speed hub.

Cassette single speed hubs such as the Dirty Flea are unique when compared to the traditional freewheel single speed hub in the fact that the smaller cassette body doesn’t force you into one static position for the rear cog. Equipped with only a few spacers, one can fine tune the position of the cog to ensure the perfect chainline with almost any crank set up. In addition, you can also usually set up more than one gear allowing for multiple single speed gears, or a mini geared set up.

Check out the full specs including the weight on the Dirty Flea SS hub after the break!



Bike Type:

XC, Trail, All Mountain, Dirt Jump

Rear Hub Specs:

  • 6061 T6 Alloy Body
  • 7075 T6 Alloy Axle
  • Four sealed cartridge Bearings
  • Bolt On – 10mm
  • Lock Ring Included
  • QR End Caps Available Separately
  • 28,32 Hole Count
  • 335g – Without Bolts
  • 395g – With 10mm Bolts


  1. well… it’s what’s know as a single speed hub. That means that it uses one cog instead of many.

    if you combine it with one cog on the front… you end up with one speed only.

    It’s for people that only want to rid with one gear.

  2. I ran a 6-speed set-up on my Hope singlespeed hub for a while, as well as singlespeed of course, so I like the idea. The weight is decent too. However if that’s an alloy freehub body, that’s an instant strike from any serious contention for singlespeed riding.

  3. Why bother with an alloy freehub body if it’s already going to be so porky? like carbon tubulars on a ten pound frame. and for single speed, too.

  4. I ‘inherited’ a set of Dirty Fleas when I bought a 2008 Mongoose Canaan Team, and since then I have had a 2000km alarm clock; every 2000km I have had to change the inner sealed cartridge bearing. I’d rather use a cycle computer to gauge how far I’ve gone.

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