We’ve been reporting on the product that Fyxation has been pumping out for awhile, including their Session tires, which are marketed as a bomb proof urban tire built to withstand lots of skidding. Smaller sizes of the session have been available for some time now, but maybe you are looking for a fatter tire to throw on your free style fixed gear?

If so, you are in luck as the Fyxation Session is now available in a 700 x 35c size. Retail on the 35c Session is $39.95, which gets you the same Kevlar jacketed carcass which will provide mondo protection against flats. The 35’s are only available in White, Black, and a dual compound white that has a black center strip of harder rubber for better wear down the center of the tire. Unlike the 23 and 28c versions, the 35’s only come in a wire bead.

You can find all the info on the Session, and the rest of Fyxation’s product range here.

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