With more and more riders continually pushing the envelope as to what’s actually possible on a mountain bike, riders who typically wear full face helmets are starting to become acutely aware of the potential injury to not only their heads, but their necks as well. Part of this realization, is the increased understanding of what actually transpires during an impact to the head by medical professionals. It seems that while full faces usually protect the head and face, it can leave the neck vulnerable to violent shifts that can cause severe neck injury.

Obviously, the Leatt DBX Braces have been getting a lot of press lately, and well, they should because they are incredible pieces of equipment. However, while it is very difficult to put a price on safety, not every young rider has hundreds of dollars to drop on an additional piece of protective equipement.

Enter the TSG Neck Brace: a multi-layered foam neck ring, that extends at the back to offer additional protection. Basically, the TSG brace is a simple foam ring that helps prevent your helmet flopping around during a crash. Not quite as sophisticated as the Leatt, but it doesn’t carry they Leatt’s price tag either. At an MSRP of $34.99, the TSG Brace might just be one of the cheapest pieces of protective equipment you buy, and it might just save your neck!

Check out another view from the back, after the jump!

The TSG Neck Brace will be offered in two sizes, a SM/MD and LRG/XL, and is currently available through dealers who order from Sidewall Distribution.


  1. Ack! This is just a kart racing neck roll. They are used for comfort and to reduce neck strain. It offers NO protection! You can squeeze it with your hands, its not absorbing or distributing any measurable amount of force.
    Please do not buy one of these because you think they are cheap alternative to a real neck restraint device!

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