2011 ritchey logic wcs shield mountain bike tire

Introduced as a concept last year at Sea Otter, the Ritchey Shield mountain bike tire is finally online and available.

Two models are available, the Comp Z-Max Shield (680g, $29.95) and WCS Z-Max Shield (540g, $59.95). Both are 26×2.1″ only. The tread design uses Ritchey’s Vector Force Analysis (VFA) to maintain grip at all cornering angles, and this tire is designed for racing and hardpack. The rubber is a dual compound with softer sides for better cornering grip and a firmer center for quick rolling and better durability. The bead on both is Tubeless Ready.

Check the new mud-specific Grip tires after the break…

ritchey logic wcs z-max grip mud specific mountain bike tire

For those muddy days when you just can’t stay off the trail, the new Z-Max Grip is the latest evolution of their mud tire. I’ve run the Z-Max Classic in years past and it’s an effective tread when there’s deep or slick mud. The Grip has a more open treat pattern with super soft durometer rubber for grip and a narrow 2.0 profile to slice through the crud. WCS version is 650g at $59.95 and Comp is 750g at $29.95. Both are 26″ only.


  1. WOW, a blatant Race King rip off and the Z Max Grip is completely uninspired. For me, Ritchey tires have grown old and stale. While the argument about 26″ tires still being the go-to size for AM/FR/DH is valid, it’s worth pointing out that Ritchey doesn’t make any tires geared towards that crowd. They need to wise up and come up with some new treads and widths that people want. If they don’t get on board with 29″ tires soon, they’ll find themselves irrelevant.

  2. 29er 26… If only there was a magazine article that could do some kind of 26, 29er shoot out. Then this age old debate could finally be settled.

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