This week, I had the pleasure of heading out to the DVS Shoes headquarters, to get a sneak peek at some new products they have in the works, along with most of the new Cadence Clothing line. I’ll be posting a few stories this month about everything I saw, but I just couldn’t wait to share this first one which should be out within a few weeks; the Convict model’s new Keirin Pack. See all the photos and read all about it after the jump…

From DVS: Keirin is the spirit of Japanese professional cycling. Dating back to the 1940’s, Keirin began as a betting track race in which six to nine riders go head to head in a timed sprint. Like a horserace, each contender is assigned a number and a color; giving each race a unique color palate. in the Keirin tradition, DVS produced a line of Convicts in 9 exclusive colors— mimicking those used on the tracks of Japan.

MSRP: $54



  1. Keirin racers wear padding under their jerseys, so they look more like super hero jockeys than track racers. Like little Power Rangers. Race admission is only the equivalent of 50 cents – it’s the cheapest entertainment in Japan – so it’s where 80 year old men go to get out of the house to smoke, drink and gamble. Nary a fixie hipster.

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