The Last Shirt You’ll Ever Want to Wear – Luna Sport JJ’s Jersey

I’ll never forget the day I received this jersey in the mail.  I was still reeling from the communication I had with Women’s Cycling Legend, Marla Streb.  As the PR manager for Luna Sport, all gear reviews go through her.  Lucky me, I had a mild case of star struck-ed-ness.

As a recovering woman’s clothing designer my first instinct is to touch everything.  I ripped off the plastic surrounding the JJ jersey and was pleasantly surprised.

“Woa, this doesn’t feel like any technical fabric I have ever touched before.”  I tried to guess the fiber content before grabbing the label for more information.  “Hummm, wool and something else… wool and silk?”

I was mostly right.  Using its trademarked StrebTex fabric, the Luna Sport JJ’s Long Sleeve Jersey is composed of  70% silk, 25% Merino wool, 5% Lycra.  It has an amazing feel.  I immediately donned the jersey and headed out the door, but not for a bike ride.  As coincidence had it, I was just about to leave for a hike in the mountains and this was the perfect top layer for a potentially chilly day of play.  I was stoked with the new gear as I am always happiest when wearing natural fibers.

Although quite functional on the bike, I’ve found myself wearing this top for almost every activity under the sun… almost.  Because of its fiber content it doesn’t hold odor.  I’ve tested it with multiple wears between washings but until now, I doubt anyone has been the wiser… oops.

Good construction and great fit are also key elements.  It looks great, too.  This is an ideal choice for hopping off the bike and grabbing a post ride beer.

Don’t let the $130 price tag scare you, Luna Sports JJ’s Long Sleeve Jersey will see lots of use and with the wear quality of wool and silk should find itself on the top of the laundry pile for a long time to come.


  1. Does it have back pockets? From the review it doesn’t sound like it, but neither the picture above nor the website show the back. Why do companies do that? It’s important info.

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