Don’t be afraid…follow the man with the ripped hoody-sweatshirt into the dark, dingy basement, where The Clash is blaring on the eight track player, and he’ll show you how to first, un-install a Sram 10 speed chain (without breaking it!) and then install a white, yes white Taya 10 speed chain.


  1. It wouldn’t be a “hack” if you used the right tool for the job now would it? MacGyver is spinning in his grave.

    You gotta remember – not everyone is as up on his stuff as you guys are.
    (And not everyone has specific tools for the job that get used twice a year.)
    BUT almost anyone who owns more than five tools has a pair of channel locks.

    We’d been removing 10 speed powelinks this way for a while at the shop before the Park tool came along. When we saw it our reaction was “meh, who needs it?”
    I just wanted to share my way of doing it, because there doesn’t actually seem to be a lot of good info out there (during a quick Google search) on the subject.

    Thanks for reading.

    – t

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