Argon 18’s Gallium Pro frame comes in at just 920g with paint, but is designed for ride characteristics over weight.

Over the years, Argon 18 has presented some really great looking bikes, this collection (continued after the break) is no exception. Jump past for those and bikes from Merckx and DeRosa, too…

The Gallium Pro has a unique way of increasing the BB width for better power transfer, plus it looks killer. On the right, the E-114 is Argon 18’s somewhat aero road bike.

The front of the bike has a one-piece fork/steerer tube/stem that creates an aero fairing, followed by some pretty massive tubes n the rest of the frame.

These are the Quick Step-colored Merckx EMX 5 (foreground) and 7.

The frames are similar, but the EMX7 gets an integrated seatmast.

Left, the De Rosa R838 and the Merak on the right.

All photos from Tom at i-Ride in the UK.

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