Whatever you do, don’t call these new seats from Thrones, saddles. According to Thrones, the word “saddle” has no place in cycling vocabulary, and that “Saddles are for little guys with squeaky voices who ride horses and need a whip to get it moving.  Saddles aren’t for bikes.”

Currently there are just 6 saddles thrones in the line up, with no difference in dimensions, only design. The Throne was first designed, tested, and refined in Australia, with production models being hand crafted in Taiwan.

Check out the specs, and saddle dimensions after the break!

Overall, the Throne is a relatively flat saddle, that offers a lot of room to move around. On the top, the Throne sports a one piece microfiber cover which is absent of any stitching.

Thrones will be distributed in the US by J&B, ironically found under their “saddle” category. Expect retail price to be just south of  $150.


  • Thrones – For Your Royal Arse!
  • Sleek design with flat riding surface to offer flexible riding positions -on the nose chasing or back in the seat cranking up hill
  • 1 piece micro-fiber cover removes need for stitching & therefore chaffing
  • Hollow Ti Rail for lightness
  • Carbon reinforced nylon base for perfect strength vs flex trade off
  • Super light foam for ultimate performance
  • Unique cover designs & white base to give your wheels the edge
  • 215g weight
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  1. it’s pretty rare i agree with australians, but the word ‘saddle’ can go – and so can any other horse reference for bicycles.

    the word ‘rig’ too.

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