lightweight bat wing auxiliary water bottle cage mount for bicycles from momsen designs

It never ceases to amaze us how many small companies are out there making killer looking bike components…seems like some of the most creative solutions and concepts come from these guys and girls.

Enter Momsen Design. Among a host of lightweight components and frames, the Bat Wings stood out. At just 12g, they provide a second or third water bottle cage mount for frames that don’t have enough space for traditional mounts. Using shifter cable, you screw down a bolt to keep the cable in place, then screw out the red ferrule to tighten it down. From there, just mount your bottle cage and off you go.


  1. Well, not against carbon, but against steel or a commuter that gets scratched to bits, definitely. Maybe use a rubber coated steel cable in the future for bike friendliness.

  2. If you’re really in that big of a need for a ‘third’ bottle, stick it in your jersey.
    Or camel bak
    or stop for water
    but anything is better than this. You guys must be really desperate for content.

  3. Eddy- some of us ride bikes without bottle cage bosses, and they’re not exactly easy to add.

    And Camelbaks look silly on the road.

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