This extra-special bike from Seven Cycles was spotted out at Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA Saturday night during ‘cross star Mo Bruno Roy’s “End of Cyclocross Season” party. RSC, as it is fondly and more succinctly referred to, is Boston’s only bike shop/cafe. It is fast becoming a hub (pun as unavoidable as a double baby jogger with two dogs leashed to it rolling down the middle of the bike path) for Boston-area cyclists . I asked the proud owner of this bike, David Chiu, to talk a little bit about it and RSC’s new road team.

All words after the break are David’s. All photos are from Gregory Brown. (Shh, the weight is somewhere after the break too.)

When we started this Ride Studio Cafe club project, we knew we wanted to do a little something special with Cervelo and Seven (hint: look out for something cool from RSC and Cervelo coming soon!).

Ride Studio Cafe itself is different that most places, definitely one of the first in the North East; with a real focus on not being simply a retail space but somewhere for cyclists of all abilities to gather and hang out over coffee; not just “coffee”, but coffee that’s good enough to stand on it’s own next to brands like Seven, Cervelo, and Rapha.

We wanted to do a special design available to club members, something a little different… bare titanium stripes outline a classic paneled motif, the pearl white paint is subtle but really pops next to the RSC-blue highlights.

Most of the bare titanium has clear coat over it to keep everything clean and shiny, except for the chain stays, bare-ti w/ no clear  there makes maintaining the bike simple!

I had only seen basic drawings of the paint early on and then everything went quiet while they were in paint, so I was definitely excited with how it came out, Seven really knocked it out of the park!

RSC logos are spread throughout the bike on fork tips, stem, and there’s even the RSC drink list on the seat post!

Weight as shown: 15.8125 lbs (7.17 kg)


  1. Looks like an axiom slx with a special paint job. 15.8…maybe that’s why we don’t see a saddle. Looks like a sweet ride though.

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