You’ve gazed in wonder and awe at our overview of 2011 Osprey Viper hydration packs. You’ve stood dumbfounded with delight as you looked upon the first impression piece on the Osprey Viper 7, but, as incredible as it may seem; those were nothing. We’re talking the difference between your drunk uncle doing front flips in a bouncy castle for children and Cirque Du Soleil Dralion here.

Come with us now on a journey through pockets and zippers and high-tech-magnetic-bite valves.


  1. I really dig the magnet for the bite valve. I’d get almost for that alone. I’ll go find out where I can see one in person first though.

    I second the questioning of pink here. I’m pretty sure Kabush is the only one who can pull off pink on a mtb.

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