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  1. SPIN Cycle in Gainesville started my mountain bike addiction when they were called “BWA” before changing their name and moving to a new building. My purchase was a Yeti PRO FRO frame and I still have it in my collection! Thanks for the pic to bring back some great memories of Gainesville, FL!

  2. Same here! I thought Spin Cycle was the coolest shop when I first moved to Gainesville and got into mountain biking while at the Univ of Fl, back in the late 90s.

  3. Holy crap! That’s where I purchased my first mountain bike that same year. Bizarro! Used to sweep floors and go get the guys crappy chinese food from across the street so they would work on my bike on the cheap. That last year of high school hanging out in Spin turned me into a career bike industry/advocacy geek.

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