2011 shoot out at anglers ridge nc va mountain bike race and 6 hour or six hour endurance race in virginia

  • Looking for an early season 6 Hour Mountain Bike race to warm things up? The Shootout at Anglers Ridge in VA has expanded their categories, and running that same day is the XC race that’s part of both the NC and VA state series. Oh, and entry fees are cheap and cash payout is massive. Registration available now on USA Cycling’s website with no online fees, but you have to log into your USAC account or create one to view the classes and register. Click on the flyer above to see all the details.
  • Advocacy FAIL: Wyoming’s state House defeated a bill that would have required 3 Feet 2 Pass for motorists passing a cyclist on the road. It fell short by one vote in the final reading after passing the first two House floor votes. Opponents say it’s only common sense for motorists to stay as far away from bicyclists and that it would be difficult to enforce. Seems common sense would also dictate that having the law on the books gives advocates something concrete to promote and use to educate, which is arguably more important than enforcability.
  • Recycling WIN: Swiss company tät-tat is producing rubber bands from recycled tubes, and is winning awards in Europe for it. Get them here in the US from Los Angeles-based shop, Plastica. (Why didn’t we think of this?)
  • Map My Ride is now offering their Blackberry app for free, and they have a new free Android app. For iPhone and iPod Touch users, you can now customize your data screen. Get them all here.
  • BikeBlogNYC has put together a petition to tell New York City bureaucrats to quick dorkin’ around and make more bike lanes (apparently there are proposals to require a lengthy review for all proposed new bike lanes, which would slow the city’s thus far remarkable progress to a crawl).
  • U.S. Olympic Mountain Bike Team qualifications protocols have been established, and things will be serious this year. 2011 calendar year races will produce up to 10 men and 10 women for the “long team”, which will then be narrowed down based on early season 2012 World Cup races. Full story and details here.

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