Norco on the new Truax:

If you have taken a moment to peruse the 2011 Norco Lineup you may have thought that the intelligent people of Norco forgot how to count? How can there be a model called the Shore 2 and Shore 3 without a number 1 sitting next to it. Well, that position has been taken by the all-new Norco Truax.

Two models of the Truax are being launched and will be available as early as June 2011. The Truax Team takes top spot and the Truax 1 will sit right next to it for those a little skinnier in green. The first person to be riding the all new Truax platform is the one and only Norco Factory Team rider Jay Hoots. Jay has worked closely with Norco over his past 10 years to get the Shore line to where it is and this is the next step in its evolution.

The 2011 Norco Truax takes on the new Norco look and key functionality features such as A.R.T. suspension design, Syntace rear-axle system, tapered headtube, asymmetric stays and much more. The package is the most complete, versatile and technologically advanced freeride bike Norco has ever manufactured.

Here are a few close-up shots of the all-new frame, keep your eyes peeled though for more photos, videos and testimonials coming soon. Hoots will be the first to offer his opinion on the matter and that is only hours away so check back soon! In the meantime, check out the Truax Tech Page and the Bike Pages to learn the full scoop.

Check out some detail shots after the break!


  1. wow, just when I was sure that Norco had hit rock bottom in term of ugly bikes with their 2010 range, they drop this one us.

    Truly one U.G.L.Y. bike.

  2. I don’t know, I kind of like it. It’s much better, IMO than the old Shore frames. It looks a little goofy in the frame only shot, but that is due to the linkage being set at what looks like full compression.

  3. Got the blue one only with fox 180 van fork. Fast and easy. The thing more impressed me is how actually goes uphill. Sure not a xc, but keeps the comparison with a trek remedy I had. And it’s true, the shot is unlucky, once you load the bike seems much more elegant.

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