All we really know about this bike is what we see in front of us and what we can read on Cycle Zine. Oh right, and it weighs in at 10.36 lbs.

The bike is built up with all the craziness from THM-Carbones, AX Lightness, Lightweight, and, of course, Sram.

More artfully executed photos by Puck Ananta and (most) component prices and weights after the break.

The bike is outfitted with a whole bunch of crazy stuff from THM-Carbones, including this 235 gram $700 fork (assuming this is the Scapula SP, but I can’t read what it says on the fork leg). Update: BR reader Ian spotted the hidden front brake which identifies the fork as the Scapula F, not the SP as previously stated. It’s 330 grams WITH the brake and costs about $1500. Pretty steep ya…but it does come with that integrated $500 brake. What a deal!

$1000 120 gram rear derailleur? Sure, why not?

When you have brakes and a rear derailleur that cost $1000 each, a $1400 crankset doesn’t seem all that absurd now does it? Especially when it weighs 410 grams.

Um, this brake set costs over $1000 itself…alone. Just the brakes.

The wheels are AX Lightness 42s – 930 grams, approximately $3300


  1. I live up the road from their shop and was lucky enough to get a mini tour a few months back… awesome people… awesome bikes.

  2. Hello there.
    First really nice bike , but how did you get the LW rd to work with RED. on LW’s website they say it will not work good. but tell me about it 🙂 and is you frame with taper steering or just 1 1/8 . i thinking of the fork.

  3. @JonatanZ5LS
    Re. the fork, it appears to have a standard headset peeking out. That’s not normal on a Z5 as the headset is integrated when you use a tapering fork. So it looks like it’s running a reducer cup and a standard lower cup to fit a standard 1 1/8″ fork.

    Following experiments on different length forks on my tandem, it significantly changes the handling. On the tandem I swapped from a ‘touring’ type long fork to a short one. This changed the handling from downhill MTB-like into racing bike. Also the frame angles changed so adjustment of the position was in order.

    Here the Stork fork is longer than standard, then there’s an additional cup. Then there’s the fork rake, which may or may not bring trail and therefore handling back into line – maybe. I would guess the handling is all somewhat more colnago like than a colnago and not as the manufacturer intended, since nobody planned for the additional lower cup. And given the geometry is now a bit more touring-like, an AX lightness setback post with a narrow saddle slammed back means the position is a bit ‘Steve Bauer’ (remember his Paris Roubaix crazy bike).

    IMHO this along with the tufo tubs indicat this is a bike to go on the wall, not get ridden.

  4. Doh – My bad – it’s a Z3 not a Z5, so standard headsets are normal.

    I guess as long as they specified custom geometry to take the longer fork all will be rosy in the handling department. Maybe not given the spacer stack? Fingers crossed.

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