Artist Peter Miller recently made the rounds thru the bicycle internet community for his “yellow card.” The passive idea is a self-produced magnet, which you can toss onto offending vehicles for later discovery. Suppose it is better than my current way of handling these situations, which involves a couple of flying fingers…


  1. First of all, you’re gonna need a quick draw and a good arm to slap that baby on the car that just flew past your elbow at 50-60 mph. But let’s say you catch him at the next light & ‘tag’ him. In what fantasy world does the asshole stop to read it before the fight starts?

  2. I agree with Doug. I think it’s silly. If you catch up to a car that just buzzed you all one would have to do is try and speak with them about it. If you think that’s on the impractical side I’d like you to explain how thrilled the driver is going to be after you–somehow–slap a magnet on the car.

    I would also add that the wording is so completely touchy feely it has to be the concept of the same guy who originated no-scoring T-ball games.

    Please join me in singing “We Are The World”.

  3. If you are going to risk putting a magnet on a car, you might as well go full-retard and use a bumper sticker sized one that says “STUPID DRIVER INSIDE” and stick it on the back of that car as a warning to others

  4. I got these as a present over the holidays… It’s really not that cool, just passive aggressive. It’s just a lot more satisfying to tell them to their face they a f*ing menace on the road. Also, I must say these magnets don’t actually stick very well, and the printing is very low quality. Peter Miller marginal idea, bad product.

What do you think?