Recently, Hans Rey was confirmed to be competing in the URGE Cabo Verde (islands along Africa’s west coast) mountain bike event, that originally was to take place January 28th to February 7th, but has been rescheduled for February 7 to the 14th due to the Cape Verdian governement elections. The URGE is mountain biking event, that is more for providing funds for humanitarian efforts, rather then profiting from racing. The Cabo Verde event will be similar to the two previous URGE events, URGE Kenya and URGE Nepal.

What you see above, is Hans Rey’s personal GT Force Carbon that he will be using for the event (we hope to have a force on review here at Bikerumor soon!). Obviously the highlighter yellow paint job and bright orange Crank Brothers wheels scream for attention, but if you look closer there is something hiding amongst all that color.

Hans is currently testing a unique chain tensioner that he claims is Canepa-made. While I couldn’t find a bicycle component company by the name of Canepa, I did find Canepa Design, which is located close to Hans out in California, so my bet is that it is a personal project that Hans is having someone at Canepa Design manufacture (Update: More likely it is built by GT Team Mechanic John Canepa, as pointed out by one of our readers. Good catch!). No details yet, other than what we can see – it’s compatible with a triple, bolts to the chainstay, and appears to use two orange rollers similar to old MRP guides.

More on the chain tensioner when we have it.

Check out the full list of confirmed riders for URGE Cabo Verde after the Break!

Confirmed Riders:

Fabien Barel (Mondraker) – France
Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale – Mavic) – France
Greg Doucende (Performance Parts – Trek) – France
Sabrina Jonnier (Groupama – Punch Power) – France
Dorothea Lindtke (Rocky Mountain – Brake Authority) – Switzerland (non-pro)
Anka Martin (Santa Cruz – Sram) – RSA/USA
Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) – UK
Marco Nicoletti (Niner) – Italy
Samuel Normand (Lol Racing – Yeti) – France (non-pro)
Sam Peridy (Scott) – France
Hans Rey (GT Bicycles – Adidas) – USA
Rowan Sorrell (Orange – Mojo) – Whales/UK
Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) – France
Mark Weir (WTB – Fox Racing Shox) – USA
René Wildhaber (Trek – Dakine) – Switzerland

Be sure to check out the URGE website, for full information, including the special auctions for NGO charities, and coverage of the event!


  1. Gotta give Hans Rey some mad props – I saw him (live) doing jaw-dropping, unbelievable trials-type riding that simply defied balance and gravity… and that was almost 15 years ago! He was backed by Swatch Watch back then, and he wore like 4 or 5 watches on each wrist, along with all this other obnoxious gear that sponsors slathered on him. And look where he’s at now… He’s pushing 50 and the man still rides better than I ever will, plus he tests products, plus he still competes, plus he runs a charity… amazing.

  2. It is amazing that Hans is STILL riding at such a high level. It’s seem like yesterday that he was a no-name rider that was up-and-coming while making a name for himself doing tricks and what not. Cool to see such a high level of talent is still around – he is a legend. Pedals are pretty cool but when it comes down to it, they are pedals and personal preference. The chain device is pretty interesting though. Wonder how effective it is and could it be something permanent? What is Canepa design? I’m familair with GT but haven’t heard of Canepa Design

  3. Grease Junkie is right. “Canepa Designs” is probably a tongue-in-cheek joke that it is a homemade solution by factory GT mechanic John Canepa. To all that gave props on his longevity and riding ability, agreed, and it’s even more remarkable considering he severely shattered ankle just a few years ago.

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