fyxation gates flat pedal in green, pink, white and black for urban commuter bicyclesFyxation just sent over this preview of their new Gates Pedal, which comes in all the same colors as their tires, grips and bar end caps (which includes orange, not shown here). Click on the image to enlarge.

At just $19.95 MSRP USD, we’re guessing this thing will be pretty popular among poor hipsters everywhere.

The body is “impact grade” nylon spinning on a chromoly spindle with rebuildable loose ball bearings. In other words, it’s plenty solid for urban riding and commuting like all of Fyxation’s products, but this ain’t a dirt jump pedal.

It’s designed to work with most foot straps and retention systems, too. If you’re comparing, it’s a bit bigger than their higher end Mesa pedal. Available in February.


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