I forget how we’re supposed to say it…Team Leo-Tard Trek? TEAM Lepp-pid TREK TEAM? Team Lay-O-Pard TREKS? TREK-Leppard? I give up. Anyway, the team with the Schleck brothers, the one where they’re riding around on the Trek bikes, the one that is named after a large predatory cat (but with its name pronounced oddly), has launched a Facebook page. The video is essentially a collection of outtakes involving Andy and Frank Schleck. Somehow when they say LEE-OH-PARD TREK, it doesn’t sound anywhere near as stupid and obnoxious as it does when I say it.


  1. My new mission is to win the lottery. Purchase this team. Rename it Tomato Potato-Trek cycling team and redo this video! One guess what the background music will be. (You say poe-tay-toe, I say pah-tah-toe, let’s call the whole thing off….)

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