Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour, carrying a cargo of bicycle helmets, leaves Athol, Massachusetts heading toward Belchertown, Massachusetts, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, carrying a cargo of bottled water, colored inks, circuit boards, tombstones, and fluorescent yellow paint, leaves Belchertown heading toward Athol. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet? And when they do “meet” (in a combined 130 mph head-on collision), what will the wreckage look like?

If you answered: 2 hours, 140 miles from Athol, 120 miles from Belchertown, and the new line of HardnutZ Helmets, then you were correct on all counts.

HardnutZ is a new line of helmets, coming to us from the UK. While their helmets meet all European safety standards, the folks at Hardnutz haven’t forgotten about STYLE; they want you stand out in a crowd. And you will do just that if you don something like the above-pictured “Tuity Fruity.” Of course, in my neighborhood, the crowd would notice you, subsequently turn on you, then put you in a bag and beat you with pipes.

Photos of the rest of the line and some specs after the break.

Hi-Vis Yellow

Hi-Vis Yellow..inspired by the ever present motorway workman, youll really stand out on the roads wearing this one! Its a Hi-Vis PC shell with silver 3M Scotchlite reflective panels.

Road cycle helmet spec..

*Lightweight, inmould construction.
*PC outer shell with impact-absorbing inner EPS.
*Sleek, aerodynamic road styling.
*360 degree ventilation through 19 vents to help keep your head cool.
*Removable visor
*Dial-fit adjuster to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.
*Simple to adjust chin strap.
*Removable, washable padding.
*One size fits head size 54-62cms.
*Free Hi-Vis nylon, shower proof carry bag included which serves as helmet protector and reflective backpack.
*All fully tested and certified to CE EN-1078:1997/A1:2005

“Tuity Fruity …. this fantastic ‘fractal’ computer generated image was always high up on our design lists but we weren’t sure if we could get the detail required. The results speak for themselves.”

Road cycle helmet.spec..

*Lightweight, inmould construction.
*PC outer shell with impact-absorbing inner EPS.
*Sleek, aerodynamic road styling.
*360 degree ventilation through 19 vents to help keep your head cool.
*Removable visor

“Circuitboard..we’re not electronics geeks, we just loved the image and the abstract macro pattern. Oh, and the colour!”

“Blue Rain..the very first design we had sampled. Its a high resolution photograph of raindrops on a car windscreen.”

“Ink in Water..this pretty design is a high resolution photo. The effect is created by dropping coloured ink into a clear liquid to create the “smoke effect”.”

“Rock Hard..on the theme of HardnutZ this granite design is spot on. Its another high-resolution photo on a PC shell and it looks … ROCK HARD!”

For more info and complete specs on all helmets, please visit the HardnutZ website.


  1. I had a Giro in the 90’s that looked something like that last one. Those kind print graphics were popular back then on some helmets. It looks like things have come full circle.

    Serioulsy though, only the likes of Kabush or Sam Hill are manly enough to wear the tuity-fruity version…mindfull that they are wearing an all black kit.

  2. I bought a HardnutZ chrome snowboard helmet for my Feb ski trip. Not knowing the brand i was a bit dubious but the helmet is fab! I have to say that the service and fast delivery I received was impressive. Really quick delivery. The helmet was very comfortAble too. I kept on getting people look at my new helmet and ask where I got it. I simply pointed the the domain name on the back! Now that the ski season is over I have just ordered a hi vis yellow cycle helmet so I can wear it when I go cycling with my kids… Lets hope it’s another great helmet by HardnutZ. will keep you posted on my new purchase

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