Ever since the Di2 was introduced, at prices that most mortals would need a mortgage re-fi to afford, there have been rumors flying (OK, make that wishes being aired) that the line-topping electronic groupset would beget a cheaper Ultegra version. Which would, undoubtedly, be a coup for the Japanese company, and confirm its leading position in terms of consumer products vis à vis its Italian rival.

But, so it seems, the rumors have no basis in fact. Shimano Europe has released the following short-and-sharp press release: “On the Internet some information was published about Shimano Ultegra Di2. Please note that this is not official Shimano information.”

Now. BikeBiz (the source of this info), is taking this denial as a sign that there may in fact be some substance: why should notoriously tight-lipped company need to deny anything… are some execs feeling a little jumpy, perhaps?

Think you that the lady doth protest too much? (With apologies to Shakespeare.)

UPDATE: We’ve heard rumor from an anonymous industry source that the current model will actually become the electronic Ultegra and that Di2 is the one getting some new-ness…smaller, lighter battery, perhaps?

UPDATE #2: We just heard actual confirmation from an absolutely reliable industry source that it’s happening! Even better, it should be around half the price 0f Di2, which means it could very well put a hurt on the standard Dura-Ace mechanical group, especially at OEM…more as we get it!


  1. They may just be acting cagey. After seeing protoype carbon 7900 pedals used by pros, I called them to see when they would be ready for sale to the public. They replied that they had no plans of producing a carbon pedal in the 7900 line. I told him that I had just seen pictures of them being used by professional riders. He repeated, somewhat coldly, that they had no plans of even manufacturing a carbon pedal for the 7900 line. They released them shortly after.

  2. I think you are right about Ultegra Di2 being a rebadged Dura-Ace Di2. There aren’t many features to downgrade without it being what it is. It is likely that they will make it heavier and they will make sure that the parts between the groups are not interchangeable as we have seen them do with some products in the past. My only hope is that they change the hood shape to match the newer groups, make the buttons a little more ergonomic, and get rid of the second button on the front shifter (you only need one button with two chainrings).

  3. I forgot one more thing. Move the adjustment box to a cleaner location. It really looks like an afterthought hanging off of a wire under the handlebars.

  4. If it’s really hald the price of Di2, I’m sold. But I have a feeling they’ll just make a version with functions shaved off from Di2 and rebrand it…god forbit

  5. Shimano is in a bit of a conundrum,
    I doubt there would be enough separation (technology, materials, performance) between the DA & Ultegra version to justify the price premium for the DA version.
    To introduce a new Di2 MkII at the DA level would allow the current (or significant % of the current DA version) to trickle down and allow for a lower MSRP.
    A “new” DA version allows Shimano to maintain the existing pricing of that level.
    The introduction of a new DA version certainly would piss off some existing users, but that would be the same old story of any technology. (Tell that to the guys who bought 5-7K plasma TV’s a few years ago).
    It’s a safer bet to tempararily piss off the top tier consumer by introducing a newer higher level product, than to try and wedge in a product the ultimately is just a rebadged version…that just makes everyone suspicious.

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