Photo submitted by Alex, “This happened to my friend during the ride. The tube popped out of the tire and wrapped around the fork. He managed to stay on the bike. I laughed for 20 minutes. Unbelievable !!!”

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  1. I think this picture requires more of the story to be worth more than 1 second of laughter. I’d like to experience at least a fraction of that 20 minutes of laughing. Tell us more!

  2. The full story:

    My friend and I went out on Stevens Creek Canyon trail (CA) towards Black Mountain on rainy cold day. The two of us climbed though the mud 2600ft and cold and exhausted we started to descend on narrow and windy single trek. Murphy was with us right from the beginning. After 10 minutes he got a flat tire on his front wheel.
    Since he was going tubeless he had no choice but to put a tube in the tire. And that’s what he did. We started to descend again and after few minutes I noticed that he is not behind me anymore.
    I was sure that he took a fall so I started to go back. When I saw the guy he was standing holding his bike with the strangest look on his face and the picture above shows what I’ve seen.
    I broke in laughter because saying “WTF” 5 time really didn’t describe what I felt that moment. The funny thing is that we took the week off the fork and were able to put the tube back into the tire and come safely home.
    Technically, I think it was bad combination of low pressure, harsh cornering and the slimy white stuff in the tubeless tire.

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