Yep. It’s a bicycle bell that looks like a cupcake. You can find it on the online shop, Adeline Adeline, out of NY, for $29.00. I’m not so sure I’d want this on my bike, I’d probably find myself riding over to the local bakery for a cupcake. But then, I guess it could be used as a carrot for inspiration to ride that extra mile (or 12), just so you can eat the real thing…

Now I am hungry for a cupcake and I can’t get that song out of my mind… Click ‘more’ to get it stuck in your head too.


  1. Bike bells are fun. I use one. Helps me ride a bit faster and smoother! When I see another rider, I reel him in just to get to use the bell and if I hit something hard, the bell sometimes rings, which serves as a reminder to take it smoother next time.

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