Bikerumor is going to be paying a visit to Geekhouse Bikes in Allston, MA this coming Thursday (as in January 5th). They are the highly-esteemed Boston TIG welding specialists responsible for the Rock City frame pictured above (and a bunch more after the break).

If you have any questions for Marty Walsh and the Geekhouse gang, please post them in the comments section and we’ll try our best to ask them during the interview. Not jerky-snarky questions mind you; nice-polite ones. If you say jerky-snarky things to people in real life, they might take a welding torch and shove it right up your…nose. (I swear I was gonna say nose.) Questions about Marty’s mustache are, however, acceptable. But…BUT, we will only be asking him the best one. We can’t get into a situation where we’re telling Marty, “The rest of the interview will be mustache questions.” That would simply be unconscionable.

More, very detailed high quality shots of the above bikes, and photos of two much more flamboyant Rock City’s after the break…

“Just finished up another Rockcity– this time for Boston local Erik. Opting for a clear-coat raw finish on the frame and the fork this one came together great with components from Velocity, All-City, Chris King and Thomson. We’ve done plenty of forks raw, and a few raw frames too- but this was our first completely raw frame and work and it looks wet!”

“The clear coat over raw steel finish really let’s you appreciate the detail in the Yo Marty segmented fork. So many different beadz! Who knew?”

“The curved top tube made it’s debut at the 2010 NAHBS on Jason’s Rockcity. Jason was looking for some cool aesthetic elements to set his bike apart but we’ve since used it on a couple of builds for customers that were looking for the pursuit geo. despite having a small stand over. The curved TT turned out to be a perfect solution.”

“The triple-triangle and curved tubes could only be tied together with a curved bridge.”

Photo by: Heather McGrath Paint by: Circle A Cycles

“Geekhouse Loves Chachi! This build features the perfect amount of flamboyant. Featuring another worldly color scheme and a host of add-ons including curved seat tube, integrated headset, ISP, and two braze ons, the list keeps going.”

Photo by: Heather McGrath Paint by: Circle A Cycles

Check out the embossing of “Chachi’s” name on the top tube. It’s subtle yet strong. like Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk The Line. Of course the paint is more over the top and  out there, like Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of himself in the throes of a nervous breakdown in I’m Still Here. But good…but good.

Photo by: Heather McGrath Paint by: Circle A Cycles

More embossing, we’re going to talk to Marty and the crew about this technique on Thursday.

Photo by: Heather McGrath Paint by: Circle A Cycles

In case you couldn’t make out the the word “Chachi” before, here it is…bam!

Photo by: Heather McGrath

“Done and done. Tom’s Rockcity was a pretty radical build. Not only is it one clean build- but Tom is a bit of an outlier seeing as how he’s 6’7”. He opted for an integrated seat post and a city riding build. Then- when we went to put on a standard Geekhouse headbadge it just didn’t quite look right.. so we put on a braze on badge normally destined for a down tube. Components from All-City, Origin8, and a Concor saddle pull this together.”

Photo by: Heather McGrath

“Mar Mar doing what he does best. Ruining beautiful photographs.”

Marty Walsh, the man behind the mustache (and Geekhouse Bikes).

Bikerumor will have a whole lot more Geekhouse on Monday. Don’t touch that keyboard!

Oh, and if you haven’t already watched the Geekhouse movie on Vimeo, do it. It is a gorgeous, little piece of work.

Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.


  1. “Bikerumor is going to be paying a visit to Geekhouse Bikes in Allston, MA this coming Thursday (as in January 5th)”

    uh, this thursday is the 7th……

  2. Zen you ignorant slut,

    I don’t normally respond to vitriolic comments such as yours, but I will stoop to your level this time and this time only.

    You are correct (for once in your life) that I was incorrect about the date for this Thursday, but, BUT, you are incorrect as well sir.

    This Thursday is, in reality, The 6th, so HA!

    Those who live in glass vans down by the river (without wall calendars) shouldn’t throw stones at those whose chronic state of sleep-deprivation precludes them from noticing the calendar date at all…ever.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, you hypocritical oaf.

    – t

  3. Uri you ignorant slut…wait, that is a Tioga Spider.

    I learned that it is, in fact, a Spider during my visit today.
    I also learned that is attached to a totally non-adjustable seat mast. We got into some depth about the implications of such a design this morning.
    It’ll all be up Monday.

    – t

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